Ortigas Hotels

Skyscrapers, high-rise buildings and condominiums, supermalls and department stores, subdivisions, townhouses, business and commercial establishments, health spas, movie and entertainment facilities, fine dining restaurants and fast food chain of stores—all of these are reflective of a town in transformation which has now become one of the highly urbanized cities in Metropolitan Manila.

Recommended Hotels in Ortigas

The Exchange Regency Residences Hot… 4 stars PHP 2,476.00
Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern 3 stars PHP 2,304.00
Privato Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,956.00
Red Planet Ortigas, Manila 3 stars PHP 1,161.00
BSA Twin Towers 3 stars PHP 2,118.00
Linden Suites 4 stars PHP 3,259.00
The Malayan Plaza 3 stars PHP 2,641.00
Go Hotels Ortigas 3 stars PHP 1,888.00
Richmonde Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,263.00
Astoria Plaza 4 stars PHP 3,566.00

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