Palawan Hotels & Resorts

Palawan is paradise, sanctuary to an amazing variety of fauna and flora found nowhere else in the world. It is blessed with incredibly awesome landscapes that astound even the most indifferent of visitors. Palawan is the country’s biggest province and is composed of 1,768 islands and islets surrounded by a coral shelf with an exceptionally rich marine life. Its steeply sloped mountains are canopied by broad virgin forests. It is the perfect playground for the adventurous.

Best Selling Hotels

Princesa Garden Island Resort and S… 5 stars PHP 5,546.00
Sunlight Guest Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,743.00
Tropical Sun Inn 3 stars PHP 856.00
Casitas De Az Pension 2 stars PHP 538.00
Angelic Mansion 2 stars PHP 1,223.00
Lally and Abet Beach Resort 2 stars PHP 2,069.00
Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa 4 stars PHP 4,803.00
Aziza Paradise Hotel 3 stars PHP 4,078.00
Marianne Hotel 3 stars PHP 1,328.00
Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa 5 stars PHP 4,588.00
La Chari’ca Inn 3 stars PHP 1,223.00
Orange Pearl Beach Resort PHP 1,631.00

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