Quezon City Hotels

Quezon City is the biggest of the six cities in the Metro Manila Area, lying immediately northeast of Manila and straddling the northern extension of the Guadalupe plateau. This strategic location provides stable ground foundation, adequate surface drainage, deep water table, and ample ground water supply.

Recommended Hotels in Quezon City

Hotel Rembrandt 3 stars PHP 2,100.00
Eastwood Richmonde Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,616.00
Sir Williams Hotel 2 stars PHP 1,097.00
Great Eastern Hotel Quezon City 3 stars PHP 1,176.00
Gran Prix Quezon City 2 stars PHP 1,124.00
Luxent Hotel 4 stars PHP 3,918.00
Red Planet Quezon City, Manila PHP 1,175.00
Summit Hotel Magnolia 4 stars PHP 2,020.00
Sequoia Hotel Boutique PHP 2,300.00
Harts Hotel PHP 979.00
Oracle Hotel & Residences Boutique PHP 1,902.00

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